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Know Your Security

IP Cake leases empty legacy blocks to its clients to ensure the availability of its services in the long term. We have exclusive rights to these blocks and they are sheltered from any new justification policies.

Reduce Your Overhead

Prices start at just $0.31 per IP, whereas typical data center service providers range from $0.50 - $2.00. Keep your existing providers and switch to IP Cake for cost reduction and future portability.

Control Your Space

IP Cake blocks are portable between AS numbers with a simple change request via the control panel. IP Cake AS network changes can also be scheduled in advance, for planned network migrations.


Getting Started

1. Order an IP Block from IP Cake
IP Cake currently offers IP space ranging from a single /24 (254 usable IP addresses) to a /17 (32,766 usable IP addresses, depending on your network configuration). Multiple IP blocks can be purchased in allocations as follows.

CIDR SizeEquivalent Class CsUsable Addresses

2. Tell IP Cake Your Network Provider's Autonomous System Number (ASN)
During the onboarding phase, the IP Cake team will request the ASN(s) that you will use your IP block with. This will be supplied in your LOA document(s) to help maintain an accurate database.

3. Receive a Letter of Authority (LOA) from IP Cake
Most network providers will require a LOA before they can announce your IP address space. We will provide this document as needed at no additional charge.

4. Your Provider Announces Your New IPs on Their Network
Once you forward the LOA document to your network provider and they update their configuration to make use of the IP blocks, your new IP space should be functioning on your network.

5. Make SWIP Changes, If Applicable
IP address blocks purchased or leased under IP Cake can be updated to reflect your company's or your client's contact information in WHOIS databases.